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Get to know us

Read all about us here and when you're ready, book your CREWMEN for an experience to remember.

Who are CREWMEN?

We are charming, attractive, topless waiters and bartenders. We come in two flavors: Classy and Sassy. As hired help we take the pressure off hosting an event and we do it with a smile.

Why we are different

We are put through a three-step interview process ensuring only the most personable men are hired. We're more than just pretty faces and hard bodies, we are nice guys who like to entertain.

Clients of CREWMEN & Co.

We have successfully served at over 500 events. Previous clients include: Elton John, Hästens, Bang & Olufsen, Fab Magazine, bachelorette, dinner, launch parties and many more unique, memorable events.

Experience CREWMEN

Now it's your turn. Our one-of-a-kind service is perfect for any event. Enlist the help of our CREWMEN and Experience what many call "a service like no other."

How we do it

As Classy waiters and bartenders we are impeccably dressed in freshly pressed white dress shirts, pants and bow ties. We are perfect for corporate black tie events and add a touch of sophistication and refinement.

For the adventurous, we come dressed in our Sassy outfits; dressed down to our bare essentials. Wearing only bow ties, briefs and aprons, we are perfect for your Birthday parties, Hen Nights, Bachelorettes or any event where a little spice is nice.

Become a Topless Waiter or Bartender

Are you physically active?! Have exceptional etiquette?! If so, we encourage you to JOIN our dynamic team.